HINGES ARANZABAL XXI S.L., BISARAN, began in 2009 with the acquisition of the CEUR brand, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of hinges, lift-off hinges and bolts and the support of its sister company, TROQUE S.A., which has been devoted to the stamping of metallic pieces since 1970.

We manufacture and distribute a wide variety of hinges and lift-off hinges for the national and international hardware market and furniture industry. We have an extensive sales network and excel for our friendly and quality service with our clients in order to best satisfy the most demanding requirements.

BISARAN is present in several European countries, such as Holland, France, Belgium, Poland and Rumania, with a wide range of hinges, lift-off hinges and bolts and diverse finishes in steel and stainless steel.

It also boasts facilities with a surface area of over 3000 m2, which guarantees an extensive warehouse of products of different ranges to respond to the needs of our clients in the shortest possible time.

LIFT-OFF HINGE Series 2000
HINGE Series 95
Mechanical Press
Hydraulic Press